Caution: Solo Woman Driver On the Loose

Recently, I’ve had a lot of people asking me if I’m scared to be doing “the whole RV thing” all on my own.

The honest answer is, “Yes of course!”


I would be a fool not to be a little afraid of taking on a big, adventurous life by myself. Not to mention a beast of a 40-ft long RV!

Lavern and Shirley, with Maddie on guard duty

But then I remember: I’m absolutely not alone.

The online community of RVers, travelers, adventure-seekers, and van-dwellers is incredibly supportive. I’ve learned more from Facebook groups, Instagram, YouTube, and blogs in the last few months than I could have ever imagined. Got a question about how often to add DEF to your diesel truck? Or maybe what generator will help you boondock more often? Trading tips, advice, funny stories, and a generous understanding that there is ‘no stupid question’ is the specialty of the road warriors who I’ll likely never meet. This goes double for the growing community of single ladies taking on RV life. The attitude of being smart, aware, and prepared is empowering. After all, a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle, right?


It wasn’t that long ago that the idea of a woman traveling across the country alone would have been scandalous, if not impossible. I recognize that feminists have helped create new opportunities, and I’m thankful we live in a time when a woman can be independent and successful. Just the other day, an older gentleman asked me if I was raised on a farm, because I looked so confident driving my big ol’ truck. I said, no, but my mom was- and being raised by a woman that knows how to drive a truck must have gotten into my DNA.

I’m privileged to have the opportunity to live a less-conventional life on the road, and don’t take it for granted. The supporting cast in my life- family, friends, and often strangers- are with me every step of the way. And it’s impossible to feel lonely when two dogs and two cats are snuggled up on the bed with me each night!

There are many “what if…” situations out there that I may be confronted with at some point. Some of them are scary, but I don’t think having a man around would make them any less scary. If someone tries to break in, if a tire blows out, if I can’t line up the truck’s hitch and RV just right… the list goes on and on. But there is always a solution- dogs bark, call AAA, buy a back-up camera, etc. The list of solutions is just as long! And I never forget that, according to science, alcohol is a solution.


Author: mandi

Just a girl chasing after some adventure.

One thought on “Caution: Solo Woman Driver On the Loose”

  1. I am so happy to discover you. Well, actually you requested to follow me on IG, but when I read all your posts YOU ARE AMAZING!!!
    My husband and I travel in 40 ft motorhome and I am too afraid to drive it. I read out loud to him all your posts as we travelled down the road. Thank you for sharing your journey. I love your sense of humor, your honesty, and your courage. Continue on young friend. You inspire me. Travel safe.
    Susan McAbee


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