Bon Voyage!

It’s the end of the busy season here at Sky Valley Resort, where I’ve lived and worked for the last 6 months. The year-round residents and workers are used to the ebb and flow of the high and low season, but for me, finishing up my first season of workamping brings with it anxiety and excitement. In just a few days I’ll be taking off for an adventure of full-time travel and working remotely. That was the ultimate goal, when I first bought the RV, but now it was actually happening. It’s like when the Momma Bird pushes the Baby Bird out of the nest, because, damn it, you’re ready to fly.

I went into over drive mode making to-do lists and attempting to organize the tasks that needed to get done before I could leave. Change of address form- check! Move items so nothing bounces around the rig while on the road- check! Buy a generator and learn how to operate it- check!

Say goodbye to the amazing people that have been loving, supportive, helpful, and generous to me over the last six months. That was a rough one to check off, but it had to be done. (Except for the Bendz family, in which case, it was more of a “I’m refusing to say good-bye because I hope to see you again soon” situation.)

Ray from the Office
Co-worker Lisa
Bendz Family
Tom helped me hook-up the truck and RV
Dana taught me essential RV skills
Checking the pressure on all 8 tires before taking off!

One burning question is still looming in the air, even on the night before I leave Sky Valley: where are you going next?

My best answer for a while was, “North.” But apparently my GPS did not recognize this as a location, and I had to narrow it down. After hours of research and crunching the numbers, I ended up heading for Ventura, California, about 75 miles north of LA. I will fully admit to being nervous as heck as I pulled out of the park, driving WAY below the speed limit down the main road. But once I got on the highway it was smooth sailing. My playlist for the drive included songs like, The Long Way Around and Wide Open Spaces (Dixie Chicks), Face Up and Sing (Ani DiFranco), Since U Been Gone (Kelly Clarkson), Shake It Out (Florence + The Machine), Extrordinary (Liz Phair), and Girl On Fire (Alicia Keys), among many others. Basically, I was pumped up and empowered AF, and the dogs were great back-up singers.

I had been told there was a stretch of road along the coast where RVs can park for a few days, without hookups, for $30/night. Well, Laverne and Shirley fall into the “Beast” category and did not fit into one of those spaces. So a friendly guy suggested I try Emma Wood Beach State Park a few miles further south. Turns out, this was a fabulous suggestion!

View of the beach at Emma Wood Beach State Park
Beautiful sunset
Laverne and Shirley are parked just a few feet from the Pacific Ocean

For $40/night (no hook ups) I was parked along the west coast with the constant sound of crashing waves to sooth my nerves. The scenery was incredible, especially for someone that just spent six months in a dry, dusty desert. Walks along the beach, working with an incredible view from my “office,” and officially boondocking for the first time- it was a great few days!

For the non-RV crowd reading this, boondocking is when you’re not hooked up to electric, water, or sewer. I had to bring drinking water and have some water in Shirley’s fresh water tank (I could avoid showering and doing dishes, but water is necessary for flushing a toilet and washing hands). My generator would keep the rig’s battery charged so my phone and laptops would continue to work, and I could use lights at night if needed. However, the use of AC, television, and microwave are not suggested. This is all fine by me since I grew up tent-camping and can easily get by without TV or AC! The black tank would just have to wait until I got to a place where I could dump it. Thankfully, all went well, and I feel like I earned a Girl Scout badge for accomplishing it all on my own.

This girl is unstoppable.
At 10.5 years old, Sierra has lived in 6 states and loves beaches!

While this location was amazing, it was a bit pricey (ideally, boondocking locations are free). While on the road I’m determined not to get too comfortable with any one place, and not be sad when it’s time to move on. So I once again made sure everything was packed up, the dogs jumped up into the truck, and we took off for the next location! Bon Voyage!

Author: mandi

Just a girl chasing after some adventure.

One thought on “Bon Voyage!”

  1. Don’t recognize any of your music but I am old. My choices would have been “On the road again” by Willie Nelson and “Long and winding road” by John Lennon. Sounds like a nice adventure.

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